Ukulele Color Coded Fret Stickers

Ukulele Fret Stickers

Go even faster!

Start navigating your Ukulele Fret from day 1 with the immediate ability to find and explore all your notes, up and down your Ukulele Fret.

These amazing little stickers bring life to your Fret. They display all the whole notes, leaving out the flats / sharps to speed up your ability to recognize and find any note, chord or scale you wish. They are a perfect companion for your Ukulele and you will be truly amazed at how quickly you can find new Chord Voicings, practice Scales and explore incredible leads, licks and riffs.

The Fret stickers are easily attached, removable and hard wearing.


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Product Description

These color coded Ukulele Fret Stickers accelerate recognition and motor skill. They act as training wheels whilst motor skills and pattern recognition develops. Each set contains enough individual note stickers for the Major Scale, Key of C to the 12th Fret of the Soprano Ukulele. Concert, Tenor or Baritone will require 2 sets for 2 octave + fret coverage.

They can be used in either part or whole, though we recommend to the 12th fret, where 1 octave is completed for each string.

The color system is based on the natural connection between harmonic sounds and harmonics within visible light, starting with the seven primary colors of the Rainbow. This sequence starts Red at A above middle C and repeats for the required octaves.

This sequence presents a precise alignment between the 7 whole notes in music and the 7 dominant colors of  visible light. Starting A-Red, B-Orange, C-Yellow, D-Green, E-Blue, F-Purple and G-Pink (Violet).

Ukulele Stickers for the Inlay

Ukulele Stickers

First things first, why would you want to put colored note Ukulele Stickers on the Fretboard of your Ukulele?

  1. Makes it easy to find all notes up and down your Ukulele.
  2. Explore new voicings “chord shapes” everywhere.
  3. Go free styling and finger pick your scales and riffs with ease.

So what’s so special about these Ukulele Stickers?

The fretboard of the Ukulele is a hostile environment, with vibration and pressure causing many stickers to wear and tear. These Ukulele Stickers are different. They are super slim and plasticized to maintain color which also makes them hard wearing.

Using stickers to highlight where all your notes are, will dramatically accelerate your ability to learn and play many chords, chord shapes and give you the freedom to explore Scales and Riff patterns with ease.

We like to think of the Ukulele Stickers as training wheels, a tool to help you get your balance and confidence, but not something to be relied on indefinitely, so they should be made to stick for as long as you want to keep them on and be able to be removed without causing damage to your fretboard, when you’re ready to make the leap.

How will the Ukulele Stickers help me learn to play?

Great question right, because it should be about how they improve and accelerate our ability to learn, play and explore the Ukulele. To answer this it’s best to start with what they are not!

These Ukulele Stickers don’t use a single color for a Chord as other stickers do, because knowing which notes make up each chord is far too important. By knowing which notes make up the chord you will be able to know where you are and where you can lead off from when you go free-styling.

The Ukulele Stickers do not include the Flat and Sharp notes as this is too overwhelming to the eye. Let’s say you want to find a C#, soon you will know that C is yellow, so all you need to do is to move up one step (a single semi-tone) from the C and you’ll have the C#.

Additional Information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 15 x 5 x .1 cm
Attaching Stcikers

Loosen the strings, Ensure Fret surface is clean and dry, Attach sticker to end of a flat blade, like a butter knife, Slide each Fret Sticker into the middle of the string position and the middle of the fret, Press down firmly


Plasticated Adhesive, 8 for each whole note color, 8mm each diameter, 56 Stickers per sheet


Hertz: The SI unit of frequency, equal to one cycle per second., Terahertz, abbreviated THz, is a unit of electromagnetic (EM) wave frequency equal to one trillion hertz (12 zeros)and is used as an indicator of the frequency of infrared (IR), visible, and ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

440 Hz Sequence

A (~440 Hz), Red (~440 THz), B (~493 Hz), Orange (~493 THz), C (~523 Hz) Yellow (~523 THz), D (~587 Hz), Green (~587 Hz), E (~659 Hz), Blue (~659 THz), F (~698 Hz), Purple (~698 THz), G (~783 Hz), Violet(Pink) (~783 THz)

How to Apply

How do I apply the Ukulele Stickers to my Fretboard Inlay?[/lgc_column]

 Ukulele Stickers - Getting Started

To start you will need to find a quiet space where you can concentrate without interruption for 10 minutes. Here are the step by step instructions:

Ukulele Stickers - Loosen Strings

Step One

Loosen the strings on your Ukulele so they can be easily moved out the way.

 Ukulele Stickers - Clean Neck

Step Two

Gently clean with a dry cloth each fret to remove built up oils and skin from your fingers. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before proceeding.

Ukulele Stickers - Use Knife

Step Three

Gently roll the Stickers provided to lift off one sticker. Attach this to a clean blunt knife or other implement.

Ukulele Stickers - Start with the Open Strings

Step Four

Start with the Open Strings A-E-C-G.

Ukulele Stickers - Press Firmly

Step Five

Press each dot down firmly.

Ukulele Stickers - Work Fret by Fret

Step Six

Work one Fret at a time.

Ukulele Stickers - All Attached

Step Seven

Repeat for all Frets, leaving a space where the flat/sharp notes would go.

Ukulele Stickers - Retention Strings

Step Eight

Retention strings and re tune once completed!