Ukulele Wheel FG - Charts Booklet - BG - White Background - Square 600 x 600

Ukulele Wheel + Charts Booklet

A breakthrough learning and teaching tool.

With a rotating top cover the Ukulele Wheel can be set to any of the 12 Keys in music. Set the number 1 position to display the 7 “in Key” chords and intervals.

Simply playing and practicing these in Key chords develops the motor skill to ear connection. Use the Ukulele Wheel to play any song, transpose, compose or arrange your own music.

Suitable for both self study and teaching aid. Beginner to Advanced.


Product Description

Ukulele Wheel - Key of C

Set the Key locating the Root Note to position 1.

  • Develop – Learn, Practice, and Play in any Key. 
  • Transpose – Easily Key Change Songs
  • Compose – Arrange your own Melodies and Harmonies.
  • Explore – All chords including Add-ons and Voicings.
  • Discover – Amazing Leads, Licks and Riffs in all Keys.
  • Accelerate – Your learning, saving years of study.

Ukulele Wheel - Rear Extended Instructions

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Ukulele Wheel + Charts Booklet | $24.95 (AUD)

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Ukulele Wheel - Charts Booklet

Includes FREE booklet of essential charts and references!

  • Parts of the Ukulele – Instrument Familiarity
  • Music Alphabet – The 12 Notes in Music
  • Concise Chord Reference – Easy and Fast to Find
  • Fret Note Map – Note Positions, Staff and TAB
  • Universal Key Card – Cross reference Scales, Chords and Key
  • All Chords and Scales – Complete list of Chord and Scale Intervals

Recommended for all uke players – many thanks! – Steven, Dorset, UK

  Very helpful idea. Can’t wait to use it! – Kaylene, Fulton , USA

Will really help my students! – David, Sydney, AU

Great service and quick delivery! – Yolanda, USA

Just Awesome! – Mick, Auckland, NZ


Ukulele Wheel + Charts Booklet | $24.95 (AUD)

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Additional Information

Weight .052 kg
Dimensions 26.5 x 20 x .02 cm
Ukulele Wheel

Plasticated, 200mm x 200mm, Rotating Front Cover, “In Key” Major and Minor Chords displayed in open windows, Brief Instructions on the Rear, All 12 Keys are displayed in a progressing order

Charts Booklet

4 Charts, Double Sided A4 – Half Folded, Heavy Cardstock 350gsm