Ukulele Chord Chart, -Major Scale

Ukulele Chord Chart

Index to the Major Scale and organised alphabetically the Ukulele Chord Chart  clearly lays out all the popular chord shapes for the Ukulele. 

Available as scalable PDF making it suitable for personal, wall chart or screen / overhead display! 


Product Description

The Ukulele Chord Chart contains the following chords for each of the 12 Intervals

Suspended 2nd (sus2), Minor (m), Minor 7th (m7), Major (M), Dominant 7th (M7), Major 7th (Maj7), Suspended 4th (sus4), Diminished (dim)

The Ukulele Chord Chart is an excellent resource for both students and teachers. It provides a one page reference to  find the more popular Ukulele Chords fast. The Ukulele Chord Chart comes as a scalable Adobe PDF document making it suitable for both a personal reference or wall chart.

The Ukulele Chord  is a great companion with the Ukulele Wheel, using this with the ukulele wheel will help you harmonise the chords, relative to a key.