Ukulele Wheel - Users Guide to the Galaxy - Parts of the Ukulele and Musical Memory

Parts of the Ukulele and Music Alphabet Chart

Introduces the parts of the Ukulele, to familiarize with the most common terminology used. The second section of this chart is an accelerated memory strategy to learn the Musical Alphabet.  

Available as scalable PDF making it suitable for personal, wall chart or screen / overhead display! 


Product Description

Parts of the Ukulele and Music Alphabet Chart 

It may seem trivial to play a game like A is Red, 1 Appetizing Red Apple, but by using this technique, you will form multiple associations to the note A. That it’s number 1, it’s Red, there is a phonic associated with “A”pple, an image and when you play the A note (all of them) you also associate a sound.

Spending just a few minutes playing this memory game will dramatically improve your ability to navigate the colored Ukulele Fret.  Have fun with this, make it bright and vibrant in your minds eye. Give it movement, drama and humor. :0)

The color system is based on the natural connection between harmonic sounds and harmonics within visible light, starting with the seven primary colors of the Rainbow. This sequence starts Red at A above middle C and repeats for the required octaves.

This sequence presents a precise alignment between the 7 whole notes in music and the 7 dominant colors of  visible light. Starting A-Red, B-Orange, C-Yellow, D-Green, E-Blue, F-Purple and G-Pink (Violet) and includes the 5 points of color transition with the 5 Flats / Sharps in music.